The term ‘Collective’ has from its inception, been a metaphor for the concept of “Village” - where everyone has unique resources and skills to share within a community. We are so thankful for the many people over the years that have helped our efforts by believing in us. They encourage us by attending our concerts, lending equipment, volunteering time... We even had our actual neighbours purchase branded hats for us to give as free promotion at a huge festival we were playing. #InThisTogether!

The challenge now is that working as professional musicians is so expensive! Digital Streaming Services have destroyed the traditional music sales market. Now the only way to make money as an independent musician is to tour & sell branded merchandise. We simply don’t have the personal resources to afford these related costs on our own!... Yet we believe more than ever that we are called to be out there, as ambassadors of positivity.

Our plan is to focus exclusively on recording and performing Original MBC Music. We will phase out “cover gigs”. Financially, this model has a much greater upside and we will have the ability to impact more people. We believe this plan is achievable and with help, we can accomplish our overall mission by having the tools and resources we need. 

With this in mind, we have officially launched the ‘MARTIN BROTHERS VILLAGE’ community. This membership-based initiative will enable us to do the following:

1. Have Base Salaries: Help us support our families by covering our basic living costs

2. Share Our Music: Help us record and release inspirational original music

3. Travel to Perform: Help us go, encourage audiences nationally & internationally

4. Buy Memories to Sell: Help us gain revenue through branded “merch” sales

5. Afford a Helping Hand: Help us hire assistance with marketing & booking

6. Give Our Time: Help us bless others by empowering us to donate our music or time for some special events, less fortunate communities, and fundraisers...