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Bio - Martin Brothers Collective

"Music is the expression, but encouragement is our mission!"

The Martin brothers (Darin & Jeremy Martin) have enchanted audiences with their blend of original compositions and beloved covers. Renowned for their distinctive style, the Martin Brothers Collective delivers more than just music—they craft compelling narratives and mesmerizing harmonies, ensuring each performance leaves an indelible mark.

Whether as a dynamic duo or alongside the "Collective," which showcases young Jaden Martin's prowess on drums alongside a rotating cast of musical talents, the Martin brothers guarantee an exceptional experience. Though the accompanying lineup may vary from event to event, one constant remains: an extraordinary musical journey awaits every audience member.

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Live Video

Stage plot & tech rider

Duet (Stage Plot) Darin & Jeremy 125 KB
3-Piece (Stage Plot) Darin & Jeremy + Hand Drum/Light Percussion 173 KB
4-Piece including Bass (Stage Plot) Darin & Jeremy + Drums & Bass Guitar 276 KB
4-Piece including Keyboard (Stage Plot) Darin & Jeremy + Drums & Keyboard (no bass) 275 KB
5-Piece (Stage Plot) Darin & Jeremy + Drums, Bass, & Lap Steel etc.. 311 KB
MBC Technical Backline Technical Information / Inputs we need from venue if using house sound-systems etc 231 KB