New music is almost here... first song releases May 2nd!!!

*New Single - 'He Knows She Knows'

Release Date: *May 2nd 2024

In our expansive world, feelings of loneliness can often pervade, especially for those grappling with anxiety disorders. Triggers abound, leading to a profound sense of isolation or the fear that those closest to us may withdraw their support. "He Knows She Knows" emerges as an anthem of unconditional love, narrating the journey of a couple navigating mental health challenges while prioritizing their profound bond. We're confident this song will resonate widely, offering solace, encouragement, and a beacon of hope to many.

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Release Date: *July 4th 2024

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Release Date: *Aug 1st 2024

Some of our earlier demos...

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Release Date: Feb 14th 2023

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Release Date: Nov 19th 2021